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  1. 22 mag 2023 · Jeremy Corbyn, in full Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, (born May 26, 1949, Chippenham, Wiltshire, England), British politician who was leader of the Labour Party (2015–20). Corbyn attended a grammar school in Shropshire and, briefly, a technical college in north London before pursuing a career as a left-wing political activist.

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  2. 18 mag 2023 · A defiant Jeremy Corbyn has told Labour members in his Islington North branch he wants to carry on as their MP, after a motion by the local party supporting him was passed almost unanimously.

    • Aubrey Allegretti
  3. 25 mag 2023 · Oh, Jeremy Corbyn, as the Glastonbury crowds once sang in that brief moment of Jezzamania. Magic leftie grandpa, it seems, has one last fight in him. A Luta Continua to the bitter end.

  4. 18 mag 2023 · Jeremy Corbyn has signalled he will stand as an independent at the next general election, setting up a tense showdown between the former Labour leader and his party.

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    The National Portrait Gallery opens its doors again next month after being shut for three years for refurbishment. Fears are building about the results of a top to bottom rehang. One well-connected source tells me that re-hung portraits will now be more representative of multicultural London, with notices to explain “the context” of some of the ima...

    Tory MP Sir Charles Walker, who is leaving the Commons after 19 years at the next election, tells me on Chopper’s Politicspodcast that he dissuades journalists from entering politics. He tells the hacks: “When you go out for a dinner party, you will almost always be the most interesting person in the room. People want to talk to you. When you becom...

    Theatre producer Marc Sinden appeared with The Beatles on their promotional film for Hey Jude– and has hated the song ever since. Sinden, whose father was the actor Sir Donald Sinden, says: “It is the only Beatles song I cannot listen to. The others I adore. I just go, ‘Oh, not that bloody song again!’ It drives me mad.” Turning to the day of the r...

    “Minor diplomatic incident averted at Heathrow,” reports British-American composer Tarik O’Regan, who was heading home to San Francisco after the Coronation. O’Regan, who composed the Agnus Dei sung in Westminster Abbey last Saturday, had a piece of the King’s special Coronation cake – packed with sultanas, raisins, and glacé cherries – in his lugg...

    “The idea of bringing racing cars into buildings is not new,” reader Jeremy Havard tells me, after I noted a Lancia racing car was parked in the foyer of the Royal Automobile Club on Pall Mall. He writes: “In 1927, the Le Mans’ winning Bentley, ‘Old No. 3’ was the guest of honour at a celebratory dinner at the Savoy.” To get there the Bentley had p...

  5. 17 mag 2023 · Trade unionists are hatching a plot to replace Jeremy Corbyn in Islington North with one of their own (and Angela Rayner’s “soulmate”): Sam Tarry. One of the conspirators murmured the plan is to persuade the exiled former Labour leader – who’s about to turn 74 – to stand down rather than run as an indy and make way for a younger member of the Socialist Campaign Group.