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  1. Carpenter won $250,000, bringing his total Millionaire winnings to $1,250,000. In 2004, Carpenter participated in Super Millionaire, as one of the "Three Wise Men" on the episode during which Robert "Bob-O" Essig won $1,000,000.

    • January 1968 (age 55), Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S.
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  2. 27 lug 2020 · As fans look back on the iconic show, the infamous clip of John Carpenter winning $1 million has resurfaced. So, what happened to Carpenter after winning all that cash?

    • Christina Montford
    • Showbiz Senior Writer, Specialty Producer-TV
  3. 23 apr 2024 · John Carpenter Won 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' 25 Years Ago. Celebrity. Nostalgia. Remember John Carpenter, the First Winner of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Look Back at His 1999...

    • Alexandra Schonfeld
  4. John Carpenter, a 31 year-old Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent from Hamden, Connecticut, is best known for becoming the first top prize winner on the U.S. version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, and the first ever Top Prize Winner in the entire Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? franchise. On...

  5. 8 giu 2011 · WWTBAMclassics. 21.7K subscribers. Subscribed. 34K. 7.9M views 12 years ago. Six months after becoming the first Millionaire in the show's history, John Carpenter returned for a special...

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  6. 26 lug 2020 · Carpenter arrivò all’ultima domanda, quella da un milione di dollari, senza aver usato nessuno dei tre aiuti previsti per il gioco, ma dopo averla letta decise di usarne uno: la telefonata a...

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