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  1. My main research specialisms are better treatments for neuropsychiatric symptoms in people with dementia, drug discovery, dementia prevention and improving mental health and quality of life for people with dementia in residential homes. I also have research interests in Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease Dementia.

  2. 4 giorni fa · People with dementia can sometimes be fully “present”, knowing who is around them, where they are, and what’s happening. And then other times they may be confused, disorientated, and unaware.

  3. 22 mar 2023 · Dementia is a condition that can unfold for up to 20 years. The course of dementia often depends on what type of dementia you have. Knowing what to expect in the following months and years can have many benefits, whether you have dementia or your loved one has it. To this end, experts have developed two different models of dementia ...

  4. 23 mar 2023 · The Alliance to Improve Dementia Care, convened by the Future of Aging, identified eight elements of comprehensive dementia care that can improve quality of life and lower costs, and made six recommendations. These recommendations are detailed in the report and are centered around two overarching themes to improve dementia-care ...

  5. 21 mar 2023 · Dr. Rita Jablonski, a renowned dementia behaviors expert, explains why behaviors occur: care refusals, illusions, delusions, hallucinations, sexual overtures, shadowing, sundowning, and MORE! People living with dementia have physical, emotional, and social needs--but find it harder to get those needs met.

  6. 24 mar 2023 · We recognise a person living with dementia is, first and foremost, a person – unique and with a rich history of experiences, abilities, skills, knowledge, preferences, desires and personality. Our care homes respond to the individual and support what they can do with a personalised care plan, always looking for opportunities to ...

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