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  1. 2 giorni fa · The film follows Buzz Lightyear (Evans) operating as a space ranger who, after being marooned on the hostile planet T'Kani Prime with his commander and crew, tries to find a way back home while encountering a threat to the universe's safety.

  2. 4 giorni fa · Audiences would have to wait three years for Pixar’s second film (1998’s Seven Samurai-inspired A Bug’s Life), their longest gap between features. The action-packed Toy Story 2 cemented Pixar as a cultural force for decades to come, and with its still-standing 100% Tomatometer score, the 1999 sequel was for a long time the best-reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes.

  3. 3 giorni fa · In questo articolo trovi tantissime informazioni con un elenco completo dei migliori siti per vedere film in streaming, in italiano e in alta definizione.

  4. 1 giorno fa · How to watch: Cars is now streaming on Disney+. 22. Lightyear. ... the film delivers whimsical adventure (Vespa racing!), family drama (the surface is no place for a fish boy!), ...

  5. 5 giorni fa · When Buzz Lightyear ( Chris Evans) is stranded on a dangerous planet for decades, forced to watch time pass as he attempts the same rescue mission over and over again, he manages to team up with the relative of his former space partner and her rag-tag team of rangers for a set of adventures that’ll hopefully get him back to his home planet.

  6. 3 giorni fa · Looking Forward to Brighter Months. Key takeaways: – Pixar 's recent release, Lightyear, underperformed at the box office with gross revenue of only $226 million against a $200 million budget. – Pixar's creative head, Pete Docter suggests they delved too deep into the character's lore, overestimating the audience's engagement level.

  7. 18 ore fa · Films such as "Lightyear" did poorly at the box office, partly due to their timing during the pandemic and a perceived falloff in quality, for which Pixar had long been considered the gold ...