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  1. Lisboa é uma cidade, um município, capital de Portugal e da Área Metropolitana de Lisboa. Tem uma área urbana de 100,05 km² e 545 796 habitantes [2] (densidade: 5 455,2 hab./km²) em 2021, sendo a maior cidade do país. Lisboa é o centro político de Portugal, sede do Governo e da residência do chefe de Estado.

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    When talking about the population and demographics of Lisbon it is important to consider the fact that the city limits are different from the outlying urban areas. Within the city of Lisbon, according to a 2010 census, there are 545,000 people, but when the outlying urban areas are considered, the population grows dramatically. It is estimated that...

    With a dominant Roman Catholic base, it is estimated that anywhere from 60% to 70% of the overall population identifies as Catholic. An interesting fact, however, is that even though the numbers are high for the Roman Catholic church, the number of actual attendees is relatively low. Only around 30% of all citizens of Lisbon regularly attend servic...

    Getting around the city of Lisbonis quite easy as there are many options for the traveler as well as the resident. Lisbon was once noted as being the land of trams, but only around one-sixth of the original tram lines are still in existence. The most popular way to get from one place to another is in the metro. The metro system was first used in 19...

    The education system in Lisbonis in line with the rest of Portugal. Children are not required to attend preschool from the ages of 3 to 5, but it does give them a good start on the education that lies ahead. The first four years of schooling in Lisbon is carried out by a single teacher. The second stage is for two years and covers all the basic edu...

  2. La ciudad tiene una población de 547 773 habitantes y su área metropolitana se sitúa en los 2 810 923 en una superficie de 2921,90 km². Esta área contiene el 26 % de la población del país. Lisboa es la ciudad más rica de Portugal. [2]

  3. 16 dic 2021 · A Área Metropolitana de Lisboa tem mais 49.257 habitantes do que há dez anos e apenas quatro dos 18 municípios da região perderam população (Amadora, Lisboa, Barreiro e Oeiras), segundo dados preliminares dos Censos 2021 divulgados, esta quarta-feira.

    • Rádio Renascença
    • 21 323 9200
    • Quinta do Bom Pastor, Estrada da Buraca 8-12, Lisboa, 1549-025
  4. 12 mar 2001 · Lisboa [Lisbon] District: 2,136,013: 2,250,533: 2,275,385: Alenquer: Municipality: 39,180: 43,267: 44,442: →: Amadora: Municipality: 175,872: 175,136: 171,454: →: Arruda dos Vinhos: Municipality: 10,350: 13,391: 13,992: →: Azambuja: Municipality: 20,837: 21,814: 21,421: →: Cadaval: Municipality: 13,943: 14,228: 13,372: → ...

    Lisboa [Lisbon]
  5. Estensione territoriale del Comune di LISBOA e relativa densità abitativa, abitanti per sesso e numero di famiglie residenti, età media e incidenza degli stranieri - Mappe, analisi e statistiche sulla popolazione residente