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  1. S. Independent politicians in Serbia ‎ (10 P) Independent politicians in Seychelles ‎ (1 P) Independent politicians in Singapore ‎ (7 P) Independent politicians in Slovakia ‎ (1 P) Independent politicians in Slovenia ‎ (2 P) Independent politicians of the Solomon Islands ‎ (2 P) Independent politicians in Somalia ‎ (2 P ...

  2. Independent politician and Rapper Balen Shah was elected as Mayor of Kathmandu with heavy votes. Similarly, Harka Sampang and Gopi Hamal were also elected as Mayor of some of the major cities like Dharan & Dhangadhi, respectively. Pakistan. Pakistan also has independent politicians standing in elections.

  3. 14 mar 2019 · Among independents, men make up a sizable share (64%) of Republican leaners and a smaller majority (55%) of independents who do not lean. Democratic leaners include roughly equal shares of men (51%) and women (49%). Independents also are younger on average than are partisans.

  4. U.S. Congressman (1951–1955) Frazier Reams of Ohio 9th – Elected as an independent U.S. Congressman (1949–1955) Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. of New York 20th – Elected as a Liberal, re-elected as Democratic U.S. Congressman (1948–1949) Leo Isacson – Elected from the American Labor Party ticket

  5. Pages in category "Independent politicians in the United States" The following 10 pages are in this category, out of 10 total. This list may not reflect recent changes . Independent Democrat Independent Republican (United States) 0–9 Third-party and independent candidates for the 1996 United States presidential election

  6. MPs from the Democratic Unionist Party, Sinn Féin, Social Democratic and Labour Party or Ulster Unionist Party, including those Ulster Unionists who stood as part of the Conservative Party, are excluded.