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  1. 1 giorno fa · During the Kickoff show, McIntyre disclosed to WWE commentator Michael Cole that he could not stop thinking about his wife Kaitlyn Frohnapfel, who was undergoing emergency surgery. One thing ...

  2. 9 giu 2024 · The overt moment Valhalla is referring to is when she puts her antlers on Michael Cole's head. Fans can read her comments on that moment at this link. Unfortunately for Valhalla, both Ivar and Erik are currently out with an injury.

  3. 4 giorni fa · The seasoned veteran of the WWE commentary table. Michael Cole has been the voice of the wrestling giant for quite some time. However, even the most experienced professionals like him can slip up, at times. Michael Cole had the same experience on RAW tonight when he made a mistake calling the action. During the latest episode of RAW, a six-man ...

  4. 6 giorni fa · On Michael Coles commentary work: “So, Michael Cole is an asset to have in your corner. He’s the voice of Raw. He speaks for what the crowd’s doing. He says what everyone’s thinking.

  5. 6 giorni fa · A WWE Superstar recently praised the Stamford-based company's veteran commentator, Michael Cole, in an interview. The name in question is The Viking Raiders' manager Valhalla, aka Sarah Logan.

  6. 2 giorni fa · Rhodes said, “Guys, let’s take a moment here and give a round of applause to Michael Cole. Michael Cole has become, and I think we’re all loving it, has become the voice of WWE. I feel because you’re the voice of WWE, perhaps you have only seen WWE. Maybe it’s exclusively been your number one thing.

  7. 4 giorni fa · This time, Michael Cole made the mistake of miscommunicating the details of a major Clash at the Castle title match. The June 10, 2024 episode of WWE RAW saw another commentary botch.