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  1. Natalie Portman, pseudonimo di Natalie Hershlag, è un'attrice, regista, produttrice cinematografica e attivista israeliana naturalizzata statunitense. Il suo primo ruolo di attrice fu nel film d'azione francese del 1994 Léon. Negli anni novanta recita nei film Beautiful Girls, Mars Attacks!, La mia adorabile nemica. Nel 1999 si ...

  2. Natalie Portman (née Hershlag, Hebrew: נטע-לי הרשלג, June 9, 1981) is an Israeli-born American actress. She has had a prolific film career since her teenage years and has starred in various blockbusters and independent films, receiving multiple accolades , including an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards .

  3. Natalie Portman filmography. Portman at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Natalie Portman is an actress and filmmaker with dual Israeli and American citizenship. She made her film debut in Luc Besson 's action thriller Léon: The Professional, which starred her as the young protégée of a hitman. [1] [2] She followed this by appearing ...

  4. Natalie Portman (/ ˈ n æ t ə l i ˈ p ɔ ɹ t m ə n /) [2] est une actrice, productrice et réalisatrice israélo-américaine, née le 9 juin 1981 à Jérusalem. Elle fait ses débuts au cinéma en 1993 , à l'âge de 12 ans , en tournant dans le film Léon de Luc Besson , aux côtés de Jean Reno , puis dans Heat avec Al Pacino .

    • Neta-Lee Hershlag
  5. Natalie Portman (born Natalie Hershlag; Hebrew: נטע-לי הרשלג; June 9, 1981) is an Israeli-American actress and filmmaker. She is most famous for starring in Star Wars Episodes I, II and III as Padme in the early 21st century. Portman is also known for her appearances in the Thor movies.

    • 1994–present
  6. Natalie Portman (born Natalie Hershlag; Ebreu: נטלי הרשלג ‎‎; Juin 9, 1981) is an actress wi dual American an Israeli citizenship. Her first role was as an orphan taken in bi a hitman in the 1994 action film Léon: The Professional , but mainstream success came when she wis cast as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy ...