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  1. Welcome to Ornithology! In this event, participants will be assessed on their knowledge of North American birds. The information below should not be interpreted as an extension of the rules. You can find free online copies of the current rules for download on the 2022 Rules page of the Science Olympiad website.

  2. The taxonomic scheme is based upon the 7th edition Checklist of North American Birds, American Ornithologists’ Union, and 2019 Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology. ©2020-B36. 2020 NATIONAL BIRD LIST. See General Rules, Eye Protection & other Policies on as they apply to every event.

  3. Main article: Ornithology. This page contains a list of the birds on the National Bird List, with pictures and identification tips. Before learning ID, it is highly recommended to have basic understanding of topographic terms to better utilize the ID tips.

  4. 17 ago 2023 · Ornithology; Type: Life Science Category: Study Description: Participants will be assessed on their knowledge of North American birds. Event Information: Participants: 2 Approx. Time: 50 minutes Allowed Resources: One Binder (up to 2") One 2022 National Bird List or One 2022 Official State Bird List; Latest Appearance: 2022 Forum Threads

  5. Science Olympiad National List of species for the Ornithology event (2020) did not provide definitive Genus and species designations for many of the listed species. As most participants have discovered, there are many differences in taxonomy of these species depending on the resource of the moment. In hopes of reducing

  6. Ornithology, the study of birds, is an ID event in Science Olympiad! Similar to other binder events, it is very important you have a thorough binder and you are able to efficiently retrieve information from it. You should also gain a general understanding of bird anatomy and be able to understand the difference between different birds. Below are some resources to help you construct your binder ...

  7. Content: Taxonomic Scheme of the 2020 Official Science Olympiad Bird List is used in competition. Identification, anatomy & physiology, reproduction, habitat characteristics, ecology, diet, behavior, ID calls, conservation, biogeography. Process Skills: observation, inferences, data and diagram analysis.