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  1. Layne was a 9-5 favorite but a right to the temple put him down for the count. This was a bruising, crowd-pleasing battle. Marciano won handily enough but failed to even knock down his opponent, who had fought only twice in the previous two years.

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    Championship Record 1. Has defeated 5 opponents (5 by KO) for the World Heavyweight Title. 2. Has a record of (6-0) against International Boxing Hall of Fame inductees: Joe Louis, Jersey Joe Walcott (2x), Ezzard Charles (2x) & Archie Moore.

    Rocky Marciano was born Rocco Francis Marchegiano on September 1, 1923, in Brockton, Massachusetts. Marciano was World Heavyweight Championfrom 1952 to 1956, and he is the only World Heavyweight Champion to permanently retire undefeated. Marciano was the first of six children born to Perrino and Pasqualena Marchegiano. Before dropping out of high s...

    Record:10-4, with 8 knockouts 1. April 15, 1946 - Henry Lester, L DQ 3 2. 1946 National Junior AAU Heavyweight Championship in Portland, Oregan. Results: 2.1. Aug 22 - Frederic Ross, KO 1 2.2. Aug 23 - Richard Jarvis, KO 1 2.3. Aug 23 - Joe DeAngelis, L 3 3. Jan 11, 1947 - Lou Thrasher, KO 1 4. 1947 Massachusetts State Amateur Heavyweight Champions...

    Marciano was The Ring Fighter of the Yearfor 1952, 1954, and 1955.
    Marciano was involved in The Ring Fight of the Year three times. The fights were:
    Marciano was elected to The Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1959, the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1980 and the International Boxing Hall of Famein 1990.
    Marciano was named the fourth greatest heavyweight of all-time by The Ringin 1994.
    Marciano caught pneumonia as a toddler and nearly died.
    Marciano once had been a client of the Charles Atlas training program.
    During his sophomore year as a linebacker on the highly-ranked Brockton High School football team, Marciano intercepted a pass and returned it 67 yards for a touchdown.
    Marciano had the shortest reach of all World Heavyweight Champions — only 68 inches.
  2. Nel suo palmarès figura anche una vittoria per KO all'8ª ripresa contro uno dei più grandi pugili della storia della boxe, ovvero il "Brown Bomber" Joe Louis, il 26 ottobre 1951 al Madison Square Garden. Louis venne atterrato da un potente montante, seguito da un altrettanto potente gancio.

  3. Marciano vs. Roland La Starza. On March 24, 1950, Marciano fought Roland La Starza, winning by split decision. La Starza may have come closer than any other boxer to defeating Marciano as a professional. The scoring for the bout was 54, 45, and 55.

  4. Rocco Francis Marchegiano (September 1, 1923 – August 31, 1969; Italian pronunciation: markeˈdʒaːno), better known as Rocky Marciano (/mɑːrsiˈɑːnoʊ/, Italian: marˈtʃaːno), was an American professional boxer who competed from 1947 to 1955, and held the world heavyweight title from 1952 to 1956.

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    • August 31, 1969
    • September 1, 1923
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  6. Marciano retired from professional boxing with an undefeated record of 49-0, including 43 knockout wins and one title win, which is a remarkable achievement in itself. In 1990, he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) as one of the greatest boxers in history.