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    Shazam for desktop lets you discover and enjoy music on your computer. Identify any song, get lyrics, and stream your favourites with Shazam.

  2. 4 nov 2015 · The new Shazam for Windows 10 PC is available to download in the Windows Store today for free. It’s also available on Windows Phone 8.1 and coming soon to Windows 10 Mobile.

    • How to Install Shazam
    • How Does Shazam Work?
    • How to Use Shazam
    • View Charts and Your Shazam Library
    • Live Tiles Support Included
    • Easy to Configure

    First of all, you must understand that Shazam is a Windows Store app. This means that if Windows Store is somehow not functional on your PC, there’s pretty much no way to install it. However, assuming that all is well, setting up Shazam on your PC is a breeze. The first step of this process is to navigate to the product’s page. Once you’re there, h...

    Most of you are already familiar with the app from your smartphones. However, for those of you who hadn’t had the chance yet, things are pretty simple. You click or tap the Shazam button and the program starts identifying the tune for you. Note that it probably won’t work if you’re in a noisy environment or if the tune is just ending. However, if y...

    On Windows PCs, Shazam has some goodies. For instance, if you’re a regular Cortana user, you can ask her to identify the song for you using Shazam. Just summon Cortana, then ask her to “Shazam this” and she’ll take care of the rest. After this tool successfully IDs the song you’re after, you’ll receive additional info on them. These details might i...

    After Shazam identifies a song, it will automatically transfer it to your library. If you have a Shazam account, you can see all your past activity on this tool, and even share your findings with your friends. This app also holds a Charts category where you can see various trends in music. The Home section of Shazam offers you several recommendatio...

    You probably know about the Live Tiles feature in Windows. Well, if you like using them, then you’re in for a treat: Shazam supports Live Tiles. If you enable and add them to your Start menu, you can increase the tool’s functionality. Shazam’s Live Tiles let you view your most recent identified track right there. No need to open the app anymore. Ad...

    If tinkering is something you’re interested in, Shazam comes with a Settings screen. However, the amount of options you can configure is heavily limited. You can sign up for a new Shazam account, or log into your existing one, and toggle location usage. The rest of the options in the Settings screen are actually meant to provide you more details. T...

  3. Identifica qualsiasi canzone in riproduzione dalla tua scheda del browser Chrome. Riconosce e identifica qualsiasi melodia: canzoni alla radio, pubblicità, brani dei video di YouTube, film di Netflix o stream di Twitch... Potrai accedere al videoclip, ascoltare la canzone completa o acquistarla attraverso Apple Music.

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  4. Come installare Shazam su Windows 11? Visita il Microsoft Store: Apri Microsoft Store sul tuo dispositivo Windows 11. Cerca Shazam: Nella barra di ricerca del negozio, digita "Shazam" e premi Invio. Seleziona l'applicazione: Fai clic sull'app Shazam ufficiale che appare nei risultati di ricerca.

  5. Identify, listen and discover songs with the Shazam app. Listen and add songs you discover to your Apple Music or Spotify playlists. Sing along with time-synced lyrics. Watch your favorite music videos with Apple Music or YouTube.

  6. Name songs in seconds. Find music, concerts and more with Shazam. Get the app. Scan the code with your smart phone camera to download the free app. Available on iOS, Android, and more devices. New • Radio Spins. Check out Shazam’s new airplay charts. Discover current global radio trends.

  1. Annunci

    relativi a: shazam for windows
  2. Download your Free App and Activate on your Device. See Ratings & Read Reviews, Access Now. No Sign-up Required. Your App is Ready to Install. Get the Latest Version Here (2024).