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  1. 22 ore fa · Socialist Students of Austria: Youth wing: Junge Generation, Socialist Youth Austria: Paramilitary wing: Republikanischer Schutzbund (1923–1934) Membership (2023) c. 140,000: Ideology: Social democracy Pro-Europeanism: Political position: Centre-left: European affiliation: Party of European Socialists: European Parliament group

  2. 22 ore fa · The Social Democrats are also a member of the Party of European Socialists while the party's MEPs sit in the Socialists & Democrats group. History 19th century Socialist pioneer Louis Pio, founder and first leader of the Social Democrats (1871–1872) and 1875–1877)

  3. 22 ore fa · It is grouped with other self-styled socialists, social democrats and labour parties in the Party of European Socialists, and supports pro-Europeanism. During his shift to the left in 2017, party leader Pedro Sánchez stood for a refoundation of social democracy in order to transition to a post-capitalist society and end neoliberal capitalism [54] as well as for the indissoluble link between ...

  4. 22 ore fa · Luxemburg developed the Dialectic of Spontaneity and Organisation under the influence of mass strikes in Europe, especially the Russian Revolution of 1905. Unlike the social democratic orthodoxy of the Second International, she regarded the organisation of a socialist movement as a temporary means to worker enlightenment:

  5. 22 ore fa · General Jewish Labour Bund in Poland. Camp of National Unity – Obóz Zjednoczenia Narodowego, OZN ("Ozon", continuation of BBWR, nationalist) Centrolew, "Center-Left" – coalition of parties. Chjeno-Piast – coalition of that included the Polish People's Party "Piast" and Christian Association of National Unity.

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    22 ore fa · Cold War 12 March 1947 – 26 December 1991 (44 years and 9 months) Part of the post-World War II era NATO and Warsaw Pact states during the Cold War era The "Three Worlds" of the Cold War era, between 30 April and 24 June 1975: First World: Western Bloc led by the United States and its allies Second World: Eastern Bloc led by the Soviet Union, China (independent), and their allies Third World ...

  7. 22 ore fa · The Liberal Party was one of the two major political parties in the United Kingdom, along with the Conservative Party, in the 19th and early 20th centuries. [3] Beginning as an alliance of Whigs, free trade -supporting Peelites, and reformist Radicals in the 1850s, by the end of the 19th century, it had formed four governments under William ...