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  1. suit n. (clothing: jacket and trousers) (da uomo o da donna) abito, completo, vestito nm. He wore his new suit to the wedding. Ha indossato il suo abito nuovo al matrimonio. suit n. (clothing: jacket and skirt) (da donna) tailleur nm. She wore her suit to the job interview.

  2. Traduzioni in contesto per "suits" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: it suits you, bathing suits, one that suits, that best suits.

  3. suit. noun. / suːt/. a set of clothes usually all of the same cloth etc, made to be worn together, eg a jacket, trousers (and waistcoat) for a man, or a jacket and skirt or trousers for a woman. abito, completo. a tailored suit. a piece of clothing for a particular purpose. costume; muta. a bathing suit / diving suit.

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  5. Traduzioni in contesto per "suit" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: civil suit, strong suit, doesn't suit, follow suit, suit you.

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  7. suit. I n. 1 ( Abbigl) ( for men) abito m., vestito m., completo m.: a three-piece suit un abito a tre pezzi. 2 ( Abbigl) ( for women) giacca e gonna f., completo m., tailleur m. 3 ( fig)...