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  1. 3 giorni fa · Salvation contains all the right pieces but never glues them together into a satisfying whole. Fifteen years later, the fourth entry dazzles and frustrates in equal measure, mainly because we now ...

  2. 3 giorni fa · 'Terminator Salvation' deserves reappraisal. Yes, really. It's no 'Judgment Day,' but it's no 'Genisys' either, as Christian Bale and Sam Worthington both make the fourth Terminator film more ...

  3. 2 giorni fa · I pareri discordanti e gli scontri tra fazioni rischiano di degenerare fino a quando la gestione dell'edificio passa in mano a un “amministratore”, Yeong-tak (Lee Byun-hun, Terminator Genisys).

  4. 1 giorno fa · Voir le film Terminator : Genisys de Alan Taylor en streaming et VOD ou téléchargement sur UniversCiné.

  5. 4 giorni fa · Terminator Zero, an upcoming anime series set in the world of Terminator, is delivering exactly what the franchise has been missing since 2009.Following the underwhelming box office results of Terminator: Genisys and Terminator: Dark Fate, both of which received mixed reviews and couldn’t live up to the original films, the future of the Terminator franchise on the big screen is unclear.

  6. 2 giorni fa · Schaut euch der Terminator: Genisys Filmreportagen (Der Untergang von Terminator). Terminator: Genisys, ein Film von Alan Taylor

  7. 1 giorno fa · Terminator – Die Erlösung war ein ambitionierter Film. Es sollte der Auftakt zu einer neuen Filmtrilogie sein. Doch nachdem er bei einem Budget von 200 Millionen US-Dollar „nur“ 371,4 Millionen US-Dollar einspielte, war es zweifelhaft, ob dies wirklich geschehen würde.

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