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  1. 26 giu 2024 · Cole has moved up through the ranks in WWE and now helps aspiring stars backstage as well as his regular commitments behind the announce table.

  2. 2 lug 2024 · Michael Cole sent Pat McAfee condolences on WWE RAW on behalf of the company and himself. He also made an announcement.

  3. 6 giorni fa · A former AEW World Champion was namedropped during WWE Money in the Bank 2024 by legendary announcer Michael Cole. The mention was made during a world title match at the premium live event.

  4. 4 giorni fa · One of the highlights of the event was Michael Cole’s incredible reaction to a major spot, as revealed by new footage. During the Money in the Bank Premium Live Event in Toronto, Canada, Iyo Sky ...

  5. 5 lug 2024 · Ahead of the event, Michael Cole made a special request to fans who will attend the show. The upcoming event at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is set to deliver intense...

  6. 30 giu 2024 · Cole has been on top of his game for a while now - with some epic calls. But does last night trump any of that in showing the pure greatness that he is? I have said for at least a decade that Cole is the GOAT. He had Vince McMahon blathering in his headset and still delivered every time out. You may know about my ECW ties.

  7. 24 giu 2024 · Michael Cole asked Pat McAfee about the Wyatt Sicks seemingly targeting him heading into the June 24 episode of WWE RAW.