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  1. 7 feb 2023 · Mother. Mathilde of Bavaria. William I, the one-eyed, (19 December 1343, Dresden – 9 February 1407, Schloss Grimma) was Margrave of Meissen. His nickname is related to the legend that Saint Benno appeared to him because of his disputes with the Church in a dream and he had an eye gouged out.

  2. 20 mar 2023 · William IV, Count of Weimar (died 1062) was Margrave of Meissen from 1046 until his death. Life [ edit ] He was the eldest son of Count William III of Weimar from his second marriage with Oda, a daughter of Margrave Thietmar of the Saxon Eastern March .

    • William III, Count of Weimar
    • Counts of Weimar-Orlamünde
    • Oda of Lusatia
    • 1062, Hungary
  3. 17 lug 2022 · From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. William I. Margrave of Meissen. Upload media. Wikipedia. Date of birth. 19 December 1343. Dresden. Date of death.

  4. 4 giorni fa · Disputed: Daniel, Margrave of Meissen or Prince Alexander This article lists dukes, electors, and kings ruling over different territories named Saxony from the beginning of the Saxon Duchy in the 6th century to the end of the German monarchies in 1918.

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    Frederick Augustus entered the Royal Saxon Army in 1877 as a second lieutenant, despite being only twelve years old. Given his royal status, he advanced rapidly through the ranks. He served initially with the Royal Saxon 1. (Leib-) Grenadier Regiment Nr. 100. He was promoted to first lieutenant in 1883, captain in 1887, major in 1889 and lieutenant...

    Frederick Augustus married Archduchess Louise of Austria, in Vienna on 21 November 1891. They were divorced in 1903 by the royal decree of the King after she ran away while pregnant with her last child. Luise's flight from Dresden was due to her father-in-law's threatening to have her interned in a mental asylum at the Sonnenstein Castlefor life. H...

    When standing in uniform on a station platform, he was asked by a lady to move her trunk. He is reported to have replied, "Madam, I am not a porter; I only look like one."
    When the German Republic was proclaimed in 1918, he was asked by telephone whether he would abdicate willingly. He said: "Oh, well, I suppose I'd better."
    When cheered by a crowd in a railway station several years after his abdication, he stuck his head out of the train's window and shouted "Ihr seid mer ja scheene Demogradn!" (Saxon for "You're a fi...
  5. 4 giorni fa · William, Count of Nassau, 1538–1559 "The Old Dessauer": Leopold I of Anhalt-Dessau "The One-Eyed" (Ger. der Einaugige): John II, Count of Holstein-Kiel; William I, Margrave of Meissen "~ the One-Eyed": Fortun I of Pamplona; Antigonus I Monophthalmus; Wenceslaus I of Bohemia; Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse

  6. 1 giorno fa · Frederick, Margrave of Ansbach, sided with Sigismund of Hungary in his 1410–11 dispute with Jobst of Moravia for the titles King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor-elect. At the 1415 Council of Constance Sigismund rewarded Frederick with the Margraviate of Brandenburg and in 1417 he was made a prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire .

  7. 1 giorno fa · Margravate of Meissen: 1240 1242 Livonian campaign against Rus' Part of the Northern Crusades: Novgorod Republic Vladimir-Suzdal: Livonian order: 1242 1242 Saintonge War: Kingdom of France Kingdom of England: 1242 1247 Second war against Swietopelk II: Duchy of Gdańsk: State of the Teutonic Order Duchy of Kuyavia: 1242 1249 First ...

  8. 28 mag 2023 · Though his elder brother William's engagement with the Polish princess Jadwiga had mortifyingly failed, Ernest after the death of his first wife Margaret of Pomerania proceeded to Kraków to court Cymburgis. Though not approved by the Habsburg family, the marriage turned out to be a happy one.

  9. 3 giorni fa · During this time there were multiple claimants to the title, including Vladislaus, Margrave of Moravia son of King Wenceslaus I of Bohemia. King Wenceslaus aimed at acquiring the Duchy of Austria by arranging the marriage of Vladislaus to the last Duke's niece Gertrud, herself a potential heir and claimant.

  10. 14 mar 2023 · Wilhelm II, the Rich (23 April 1371 – 13 March 1425) was the second son of Margrave Frederick the Strict of Meissen and Catherine of Henneberg. Under the Division of Chemnitz of 1382, he received the Osterland and Landsberg jointly with his brothers, Frederick I, Elector of Saxony and George (d. 1402).

  11. 26 mag 2023 · pole Cemetery: Set cemetery Siemowit IV (also known as Ziemowit IV) (ca. 1353/1356 – 21 January 1426) was one of the Dukes of Masovia of the old Polish Piast royal family. His domain included the lands of Czersk, Rawa, Sochaczew, Płock and Gostynin. In 1381 he inherited Wisz and in 1387 Bełz.

  12. 30 mag 2023 · Online store specialize in rare antique Meissen. Early tea bowl possible by J.G. Horoldt. Bowl with landscape and river scene. Cup and saucer with a harbor scene. Meissen tea caddy and cover circa 1765. Saucer & cup painted in Imari style. Meissen tea cup in rococo style.