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  1. 17 giu 2024 · Zac Efron e il commento sulla maternità di Vanessa Hudgens. L’attrice sta per diventare mamma e, il suo ex fidanzato e collega in High School Musical, ha speso delle parole dolci sul lieto...

  2. 18 apr 2020 · I Zanessa e la loro love story. C’era una volta, tanto tempo fa, una relazione tra due attori made in Disney Channel, Zac Efron e Vanessa Hudgens — altrimenti noti con l’appellativo di #Zanessa — una coppia d’oro dei tempi d’oro di Disney Channel. Per quelli che lo avessero dimenticato, si erano incontrati e innamorati l ...

  3. 18 apr 2023 · Zac Efron ha iniziato a seguire la sua ex Vanessa Hudgens su Instagram. La coppia si è lasciata nel 2010 e, da allora, i rapporti tra i due sono praticamente inesistenti, ma il follow di Efron...

    • Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Begin Dating During Filming
    • October 9, 2005: Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Attend Their First Event Together
    • January 20, 2006: The First High School Musicalmovie Premieres on Disney Channel
    • Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Couple Up to Promote Their Movie
    • June 2007: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Begin Wearing Matching Rings
    • August 9, 2007: Zac Efron Calls Vanessa Hudgens A "Very Sexy Woman"
    • January 5, 2008: Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Show Some PDA on The Red Carpet
    • June 25, 2008: Vanessa Hudgens Shares Her Secret to A Successful Relationship
    • October 24, 2008: Vanessa Hudgens Says Zac Efron Is A Good Kisser
    • October 2008: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Attend A Wedding in Hawaii

    Although Hudgens and Efron have never revealed exactly when their relationship turned romantic, Hudgens said it was at the "very beginning" of their High School Musicalexperience. She later explained that they both agreed to be all in from the very start. "We created a bond right from the start. We were like, 'We're doing this, it's us or nothing,'...

    Ahead of the release of High School Musical, Hudgens and Efron stepped out at their first event together to celebrate the belated birthday of fellow HSM star Ashley Tisdale. The pair were joined by a group of young celebs including their costar, Corbin Bleu.

    In early 2006, High School Musical debuted on Disney Channel to massive fanfare. The premiere was seen by 7.7 million viewersand the soundtrack became the year's best-selling album.

    Following the High School Musical's massive success, Hudgens and Efron spent a lot of time together as they traveled the world promoting the movie. At the time, the young couple was all over the media, plastered across billboards and the covers of teen magazines. Efron and Hudgens joined the rest of the cast to attend numerous award shows, includin...

    In June, the couple was seen wearing matching silver ringson their right index fingers that were reportedly engraved with each other's names. Fans immediately began to speculate that they were promise rings, and when Efron was later asked about the jewelry, he remained coy with his answer. "This is just a ring from a friend that I got. It's a femal...

    Not long after Hudgens' loving comment about her boyfriend, Efron offered his own thoughts about their relationship. While speaking with Rolling Stone, the actor shared what he found most surprising about Hudgens. "The weird thing that no one expected about Vanessa is that underneath such a sweet girl is a very sexy woman," Efron told the outlet.

    While Hudgens and Efron had walked plenty of red carpets together in the past, the Palm Springs Film Festival marked one of the first times the couple showed PDA at a public event. Efron sweetly whispered something in Hudgens's ear while they smiled and posed for the cameras.

    In June, Hudgens dished her secret to a great relationship with Cosmo Girl! "If you really love someone, you shouldn't have to work at it. You finish each others' sentences and have the same sense of humor," she shared. According to the magazine, it was clear Hudgens' secret was working, because when Efron showed up to set, the couple couldn't have...

    During an appearance on The Ellen Show, host Ellen DeGeneres got Hudgens to confess that she thought Efron was a "good kisser." She quickly followed up by coyly saying she only knew about his kissing skills because they locked lips in the High School Musical movies — but she did later admit that Efron was really "hot."

    Later that month, Efron and Hudgens jetted to Hawaii to attend the wedding of Efron's manager, Jason Barrett. During their trip, the couple were spotted taking a romantic walk on the beachwhile a shirtless Efron bared his fit physique.

  4. 16 apr 2020 · Ahead of the High School Musical cast's reunion on Disney's singalong special, an in-depth look back at Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron's relationship, breakup, and friendship status now.

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  5. 15 mar 2011 · Vanessa Hudgens per la prima volta racconta la fine della storia con il compagno di lungo tempo Zac Efron: sembra che a decretare la fine di amore e romanticismo siano stati gli impegni di...

  6. 14 dic 2022 · Zac Efron. and Vanessa Hudgens met while auditioning for their roles in High School Musical — and sparks flew between the actors from the very start. "For all of the partner things, me and...

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