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  1. 5 giorni fa · Now, Julian Schnabel was right in front of me. There was a tall blonde woman in a black dress to his right – I think that is his current wife. And there was the blonde boy clinging to the painter’s jacket.

  2. 6 giorni fa · Julian Schnabel : Aborigine Painting, 1980 | Vito Schnabel GalleryMore info:

  3. 6 giorni fa · The Palazzo Chupi, Julian Schnabel's Venetian palazzo, lords over the West Village with its imposing height and bright paint job.

  4. 5 giorni fa · Cos'è l'Incredibile napoletano? Ce lo spiega Paolo Sorrentino attraverso i luoghi di Napoli scelti per il suo ultimo film “Partenophe”. Piscine, ville stupende, spiagge cittadine e vicoli.

  5. 6 giorni fa · Le natif d'Honolulu a un autre long-métrage déjà en boîte : In The Hand of Dante. mis en scène par Julian Schnabel (Le Scaphandre et le papillon), le récit nous présente Nick Tosches ...

  6. 6 giorni fa · In addition, Pacino has Julian Schnabel’s fantastical drama In the Hand of Dante, Enrico Natale and David Midell’s horror The Ritual opposite Ben Foster, and True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto’s feature debut Easy’s Waltz on the cards, as well as playing the title character in Billy Knight and embodying Fidel Castro in ...

  7. › personen › ulrich-schwarzUlrich Schwarz | epd Film

    6 giorni fa · Fantasy Film Fest Nights 2024. ... Julian SchnabelA Private Portrait. Zu Ende ist alles erst am Schluss. Sympathisanten – Unser Deutscher Herbst.